The Creation




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Peter and I have just spent a wonderful evening listening to Haydnís Creation.Written by Joseph Haydn, and based on John Miltonís account of The Creation in Paradise Lost, it was first performed in Vienna in April 1798.This evening it was to be sung by members of our own Church Choir, The East Wickham singers, Plumstead Harmonies and Occasional Voices.This concert was organised as part of the Centenary celebrations for St Michaelís Church.

We arrived at the Church a little before seven thirty, the choir was already seated.At seven thirty precisely the conductor and soloists joined them to the applause of the audience.Father David introduced the work to be sung and the concert started.WOW is the only word I can think of to describe it, the music and the singing were so beautiful.The work was sung in English, we had been given booklets with the words as we arrived so it was easy to follow everything that was going on.The soloists and the choir were amazing and sitting near the back of the Church we could hear every word clearly.It was a joy to listen too.

The concert was in three parts with a short break and light refreshments between each part.At the end of the concert the audience applauded loudly and many gave a standing ovation to the singers.It was a lovely evening and I am so glad we were able to be present.I think we are so lucky at St. Michaels with the quality of the music we have the opportunity to hear, and the willingness of those who make it to spend the amount of time they do preparing it.I am told that yesterday eveningís piece was five months in preparation.That is five months hard work.Next time, come along, and see what talent we have in our local area.