Children and young people



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Services aimed at younger people and families
are held at various time during the year

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Children and young people are welcome at all services and activities.  Here at St Michael's we have a 'Jubilate' junior group for seven year olds and over.  When started, 'Jubilate' had a strong emphasis on singing but was much more than a choir.  These days the singing aspect is much reduced, but the children continue to meet every Wednesday from 5.45 pm to 7 pm, and they enjoy themselves at meetings singing, playing games, learning about the church and doing crafts.  To find out more click here.

Each summer a group of 11 year olds and over go to the Walsingham Youth pilgrimage.  The group camp at Walsingham and enjoy themselves going to services, having trips to the beach, using the local swimming pool and much more.

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